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Regardless what services or products your business offers in Chicago, Skyscraper Internet will help you determine your objectives and link them to specific website marketing strategies. Employing a structured approach over many online channels. Realistic action plans will ensure that the strategies are implemented based on our plan.

Skyscraper Internet specializes in Chicago Marketing Services that assist clients design a plan how to advertise their company's products and services online. Creating a website marketing strategy and building a properly thought out internet marketing plan is critical to the success of your business. It's your guideline for accomplishing the goal of more customers, more sales, and additional income as well as achieving many other goals for your business.  Skyscraper Internet will be the experienced marketing firm behind you.

Here at Skyscraper Internet we assist local Chicago area businesses make the most of the internet, and their website... if they have one. We start with an interview and questionnaire to determine current website marketing and website use, as well as other advertising they use. What the goals of using the internet for their website marketing are and how we can help. After reviewing this information we create a unique Chicago website marketing strategy which will be implemented in several phases.

We use a number of methods to optimize the website, enhance the end user experience, and create the most user friendly site as possible which assists in converting the website visitors into buying customers or clients.

We also assist clients in today’s hot internet sites, with several methods of social media marketing. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We can implement Video, create customized social networking pages, and much much more. By using a combination of different methods, our client’s websites gain much appreciated traffic and ultimately higher positions in the search engines.

Since we also have a web hosting background, even if you are not interested in our chicago internet marketing services, you should consider our unmanaged hosting services, domain registration and transfers, all offered at exceptional prices. With over 14 years of website marketing, ecommerce, and webhosting experience you can be sure the technical & security of our "do it yourself" services are highest quality & priority. For more details on our unmanaged services check out our Web Hosting Page.