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Skyscraper Internet was created for small businesses in Chicago, IL. after having difficulty finding businesses we needed in our local area.

Skyscraper Internet is committed to creating strategies to assist you market your business online, help find you new customers, communicate your message and separate your company from the local competition. We help our clients succeed with their priorities on whatever goals and dreams they have. We are often our clients exclusive website marketing company.

Although this Chicago Website Marketing business is fairly new, we are not new to internet business! We have been offering website design and development, SEO services, and web hosting for almost 15 years. Our owner has been working online since 1995 running website design, Web Hosting, Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and specializing in e-commerce services.

We have run and hosted web sites for small business owners needing nothing but a simple site, to large e-commerce sites with hundreds of thousands of users, selling multi-million dollars worth of products online annually.

We have recently relocated and now turned our focus back to local businesses, and assisting our clients to optimize their websites, to make the most of their website marketing.